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Five reasons your tax business needs digital marketing

It’s not just a trend – digital marketing is here to stay.

In fact, digital marketing has not just found a niche for itself online; it’s flourishing there. In 2013, digital marketing increased by 137%, and that rate will only keep growing as more and more consumers join the online and digital communities.

If you’re one of the business owners rejecting the advent of the digital age, you’re a part of a vastly dwindling minority. Companies are following the consumers – and with 72% of consumers now linked to brands via their computers and smartphones, it only makes sense.

 Many small tax offices, however, have been slow to take advantage of this new marketing avenue. But digital marketing isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Here are five of the most important reasons your tax office should consider using digital marketing:

  •         Higher revenue. In a study conducted by IPSOS Hong Kong, digital marketing strategies led to 2.8 times higher revenue increase for companies. Consumers who are directed to your business via digital marketing are also likely to spend four times more than any other kind of consumer.
  •         Saves money. Digital marketing is so effective that the revenue it generates is often funneled back into further digital marketing campaigns. This in turn lowers the need for other, more expensive, less effective marketing strategies. In Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of business owners said they have noticed substantial savings as a result of digital marketing.
  •         Keeps you connected. Digital marketing is responsible for as much as 34% of online traffic. That’s a huge step towards taking advantage of the online market. The office-client connection fostered by digital marketing is also a great way to keep your tax office at the front of potential customers’ minds.
  •         Keeps you competitive. With local offices as well as big companies, digital marketing levels the playing field. Consumers from all over can access your business’ website as easily as they can any other. Content, appearance, and user-friendliness will tip the odds in your office’s favor.
  •         Real-time customer service = success. Getting answers to their questions and help on technical issues are at the top of most consumers’ lists – and the faster your office can do this, the better. In fact, an eMarketer study has concluded that a considerable amount of your business’ success lies in this element of digital marketing. 


 Digital marketing is an increasingly important key to your tax office’s success, but it can be a little intimidating to get started. For help with this, and all your other digital marketing needs, contact METIK Marketing at 844.446.3845.

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