METIK is a full-service marketing and technology agency specializing in branding, website design and development, mobile applications, and online marketing in the tax industry.

After discovering an abundance of tax offices without brand strategies or messages and with identities that just weren’t living up to their potential, we decided to do something about it. That something is METIK!


A great logo or graphic is designed to be immediately recognizable and embedded forever in the minds of consumers. Design can be creative and elaborate, but it should also be insightful and intelligent.


The internet is a modern day phonebook, and your website is a virtual business card. We’ll make its first impression unforgettable with a responsive website customized to reflect your unique brand.


Our Mobile App is brandable, and METIK is there to make it happen. Your clients connect with you, all on an app with your Name and Logo.


We love using our combined skills to create innovative experiences that deliver value to your tax business. The philosophy of METIK is to do what we can to help you reach your goals. Left Brain truly meets Right Brain. And it’s what makes METIK the right partner for you.

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